Friday, March 6, 2009

And we're off......

First chemo in a couple hours. My friends Ging & Debbie took me to the wig store yesterday. Because of them it was a fun time - it could have been awful because - wigs ARE awful - but it wasn't because they had a blast. I got one wig, and I kind of hate it, but it's some hair for my head when I'll have none of my own I guess. And she showed us how to cover your head in a scarf, that was useful. LOVE YOU GUYS for doing that yesterday, that was pure love you showed me, I'll never forget it!

And Jo - last night you giving me all that time on the phone, all those chemo tips - when you had just had your last chemo the day before? You are generous beyond belief. I'm wrapping myself up in all this support - my battle armor - and marching off to kill some cancer.


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