Thursday, January 22, 2009

OK - posting comments seems to be almost impossible. I was going to say it IS impossible, but a fabulous New York Cabbie was able to do it, so he's broken the impossiblity barrier. I know a bunch of you guys have emailed me wanting to comment, I'll try and figure it out and post it here.

I didn't post today here, because I'm feelin' looooow. Just cuz, no one thing. Mr. K & I had a homework meltdown, but that was just the cherry on my crap sundae of a day. I wanted to write about the army of supportive women I know, from personal to family, neighbors and the venerable PC mom corp and my co-workers, they are just about the best, most compassionate people in this city. I knew that, I found that out when my my mom was sick for six short/long weeks last Xmas and died. It takes a generous spirit, a compassionate heart to do what these folks do all day & night, 365 days a year - and not just to the furry creatures they nurture each day, it's just who they are. LOVE YOU GUYS! Even when I'm foisting work on you that you don't need/want I love ya!

It's sunk in that i'm going to have been waiting 37-40 days by the time I learn the contents of the LUMP. That's a lot of uncertainty and waiting. So I'm going to try to cut myself half a freaking break tomorrow.

GOOD NEWS! Da boss delievered a "perfect" baby boy last night, 1/21/09 - Happy birthday Judah!

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  1. Kelly...I want to bring you dinner Monday for you and your that ok???