Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tomorrow's the big day. I can't eat or drink 8 hours prior, so plan on getting up and having coffee at 5:30am - be done by 6:30 to start fasting. I find myself frantically trying to get things done, like I'm going on a month long trip or something. Busy, busy, busy. I've laid in a month of pet supplies, I've bought some more comfortable sports bra's that don't have to go on over my head, and loungy clothes that also don't have to go over my head. Got the boy scheduled to go home and stay with a friend, dog walker coming to take care of the pup - I guess we're good to go.

I've had wonderful talks with friends, emails and voicemails - it's nice to be loved and cared for. I've had inspiring talks with a friend of my son's mom - and she's my neighbor - that found a lump last November, hers turned out to be what mine will most likely be if it's cancer. She's had her lumpectomy, she's two treatments into her four of chemo, and she's doing just wonderful. She's an inspiration! She will follow up with radiation for 6 weeks following the chemo, then put on a "preventative" drug ( a pill) and then that should be that for her. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness, her words of encouragment. She's bringing us dinner for tomorrow night. And she had chemo last week! She's my hero today.

A friend of mine has had a "concerning" mammogram, they called her mere hours after she got my email about my ordeal last week. She went in for a followup mammo/sono this week - and she has to have a biopsy next week. I need to come out tomorrow B9 for her, I know that would make her feel better. I'm thinking of you sweetie!

The boy is going to the Jr. Symphony Ball this weekend, it's western themed. We bought him the whole western outfit last week and it's so cute I can hardly stand it. We'll get pictures Saturday that I can scan. I'll email pics of my cowboy next week for any who are interested. I'm excited, it's been a long time since I've been able to put him in costume! Teenagers are so uncooperative. He's survived a bout of the flu this week, he had fever Sunday - Tuesday - just to up the stress level around here.

I'll be back over the weekend to post the 411 on the lump, if we have our answers. But at least I know for sure - it'll be gone tomorrow, and we'll know by early next week exactly what it is.

THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone that has encouraged me these last few weeks. It means the world!


  1. Kelly my friend, my boss...I can't even imagine what you are going through!!! I am here for you and your family. please call or email if I can do anything for you. go to grocery store...get rx's.. help with household chores...just chat with you, please call or email. I am only a few streets away. I can not sleep tonite as it is 3:00am and I can not stop thinking about how you are handling all of this. I can only imagine.I will pray now. Dear God, please watch over Kelly & her family, she is helpless without you. Amen

  2. I feel bad that you weren't told until yesterday. Make sure you get yourself on the group email list today - I feel bad I left you out! I feel bad that you didn't sleep, and I slept great once I finally fell asleep! Of course, Lunesta is my friend....