Sunday, March 8, 2009

It ain't easy, being queasy

Yep, those "flu like" symptoms decended with a vengence mid day Saturday, eating and drinking became almost impossible, feel like overall crap. I haven't thrown up - thank God! - but I've come close. Sleep wasn't good last night, 3:30am - on it was touch and go. I called the on call doc this AM (sunday) he was ever so kind, Stephen picked up some Zofran for me just now (another anti-nausea for chemo drug) I'll have to decide if to take it. Doc talked me into taking my steriod pill this AM, which I'm sposed to take 2x day for 3 days after chemo - he said it would help. I think it did, I'm a bit better than I was 2 hours ago. I'm sitting up on the couch typing! Woot! But yeah, general feeling of over-all crappiness prevails. Stephen also picked up Pedialite pops to freeze for me and some protien drink stuff, gotta not get all anorexic or I'll land in the hospital - NO on that option!

My marvelous blog buddy I met with the same tumor is my touchstone this weekend, she's finished her 4 A/C treatments every two weeks and is moving on to the next 4 rounds of Taxol - she's a lifeline - HURRAY for the internets, I've connected with some amazing people.

If you don't get a response from me via email/text/phone check in with Stephen if you're worried. But I'm ok, hoping this will pass in a day or two.

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