Monday, March 9, 2009

Queasy ebbs, and here come the blaaahhhs

I spoke with a wonderful nurse today for Dr. Amy, where has she been? Her name is Linda - if you find yourself at UT Oncology, track this sensible, knowledgable and funny health care worker. She called this morning, "so, I see you called over the weekend feeling crummy?" Yes, is this an actual follow up? Awesome! She went thru my laundry list of meds with me and gave me some terrific explanations of what does what and how, etc. Suggestions for how to tackle the inevitable effects differently next time. #1 - do not take steriods at night! Double up in the AM, don't do PM or you will be like I was, solving the worlds problems in your head at 2:30am, queasy, hot flashing and pondering a fist full of Xanax (I only did a 1/2, don't worry). That's the plan tonight, and I am planning on sleeping people, I will be a better woman tomorrow! But she said to "get ready" for the 7-10 days out blood cell count to plummet, and my butt will be dragging quite far behind me. Good times.

Did I mention our fridge broke this weekend? I shit you not, first chemo weekend and the fridge goes warm - not the freezer, small blessing, but the fridge. We made plans to just replace it today - it's 11 yrs old, we ain't got no spare time whatsoever, I'm pretty home bound and no fridge? YAYAYA, unacceptable. But hub, being the man he is, pulled it out and took the back off - cleaned and cleaned (do that in your own kitchen if you want to be really grossed out - it wasn't dust bunnies, it was dust Yeti's). VOILA, he fixed it! The boy said, "yeah, but dad - I don't trust it now!" Off hub went to get a big thermometer - VOILA - temp is perfection. If this damn thing can last until my treatment's over, then crap out when I can wrap my mind about fridge shopping - that will be a perfect ending. But all weekend there've been 7 or 8 ice chests around the kitchen. NOT ONE COMPLAINT from my hub.......Is he going to explode at some point in the next 15 weeks? It's just too amazing. Almost scary. Awesome scary, but scary.

I was telling my sister in law this story, saying "it's just too much for him" She totally made poo-poo noises on that - "With all we handle day in and day out for HOW MANY YEARS? Your 16 week thingy is NUTHING, get over your guilt and quit it! At the end of the day? It's awesome, your life will change in good ways too, not just early menopause!"

I have an email today from the HS Band "sunshine committee", it says
"Hi, Kelly!
The band family would love to arrange a meal schedule for you and your family during your time of treatments. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience, 214.XXX-XXXX, so we can work out a schedule.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!"

I'd been told they wanted to do this, they've done it for my neighbor, but it made me cry anyway. The back story on the Band is, we've had some leadership problems with the Director these last couple of years, really negative, awful stuff. But the parents and the kids remain the best group in the school, and as we all know - at this school that's saying alot. They persevere under negativity, strife - This is proof to me good can prevails, in any situation - expecially with a troup of mommy warriers getting it done.

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