Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Cavaties!

That's the big news I'm clinging to today. The boy continues to not have a single cavity in his mouth. And the dentists says it looks like his wisdom teeth will come in with no problem, and no nasty removal. Several of his friends are spending spring break having their wisdom teeth out, THANK YOU TO ALL THAT IS HOLY we don't have to do that right now. It's the little things...

I'm not anemic, I'm severely dehydrated and lost 6 lb's in 5 days. Bad. Me. It's my wakeup call, these reams and reams of care instructions for myself are no joke - Must. Drink. Must Eat. I'm drinking up a storm and researching nutrition. I'm a bit exasperated with myself, but I think I'm just going to cut myself a break, tomorrow is a new day. And I've raised a 15 year old with NO CAVITIES - I'm not so bad.

Want to hear something completely unfair? If you lose weight when you are on chemo, you do not lose fat - you lose tissue. Now that they've put it that way, I'm a believer.


  1. Kelly,

    Protein drinks are good . . . nutrition and liquid in the same glass!

    Protein powder thrown in the blender with yogurt or ice cream (my fav during chemo - who cares about losing weight at this time) and fruit, it did wonders for me during the nausea period.

    Hang in there! It does get better (me saying that 100+ days since last chemo).


  2. OMG, to think about 100 days beyond chemo is's a dream, it's wonderful to imagine that you are there now. Thank you!